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Sommaire du numéro de septembre 2018


  • WG-Vit D: a new IFCC Working Group on Vitamin D Standardization Program
  • IFCC welcomes two new Affiliate members from France and Kazakhstan
    · LABAC: new IFCC/EFLM affiliate member from France
    · FLM: new affiliate member from Kazakhstan
  • eJIFCC archive fully available in the new format on the IFCC website
  • IFCC TF-YS Survey: YS training & career
  • HIV/AIDS epidemics: between successes and fears
  • Meeting of the WG-IANT in Guatemala
  • Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council: podcasts
  • 27th International CPOCT Symposium
    · South Africa: the Annual Meeting of SAACB
    · Pakistan: Workshop on Quality Control at the NIBD hospital in Karachi
    · News from the Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia
    · XVI Conference of the Scientific Committee of the SEQCML
    · Ibero-American Symposium of Clinical Chemistry and Expolab
    · XXXVI Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry
    · News from the “Société Tunisienne de Biologie Clinique” (STBC)
    · Palestine sets the tone at the joint “IPCLM-10 and AFCB-15” Conference!
    · News from the EFLM Professional Committee
    · News from the EFLM Working Group for Preanalytical Phase
  • IFCC PROFESSIONAL SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGE PROGRAMME (PSEP) – My experience at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
  • IFCC – Roche Travel Scholarship reports
  • IFCC’s Calendar of Congresses, Conferences & Events