French Society of Clinical Chemistry

Accueil / About

The French Society for Clinical Biology (SFBC) is a scientific society serving clinical biology (Association recognized as being of public utility according to the French Law). The SFBC welcomes and represents biologists from the private and public sectors, French and French-speaking.

The SFBC was founded in 1952. It is localized in the heart of Paris, in the Pharmacy Faculty, near the Luxembourg Gardens and the Sorbonne University. Our secretary, Cathal Dolan, the sole employee of our society, is working in a very nice small house nested in the botanical garden of the faculty that hosted us now for more than a decade.
Its expertise covers the study of preanalytical factors, the evaluation of analytical performance and measurement techniques, and quality assurance for validating and evaluating medical biology examinations in conjunction with clinicians. We also work on the implementation of new biological analyses and regulations in clinical practice, and on deciphering the evolutions of biology.

The SFBC exhibits tools for communicating and disseminating scientific and technical information: Scientific events, multi-disciplinary information and training meetings, a scientific journal, “The Annals of Clinical Biology” ou Annales de Biologie Clinique, and a website informing biologists of progress in the work of society and the public on clinical biology.

Its members are clinical biology professionals (private, public, academic, researcher, industrial), a Board of Directors, a professional governance structure, an Office responsible for implementing the decisions taken by the Board of Directors, a Scientific Committee that leads the scientific policy, a Commission for Communication, an International Relations Commission, which coordinates the actions of the SFBC abroad within principally the IFCC, the EFLM, and the FIFCBML. We also participate in the continuous formation of biologists.

We organize some boards, either limited or enlarged, every month (except during the summer vacations).
Every year, We organize one or two scientific committees to follow the activities, discuss results with the working groups’ pilots, and determine the scientific policy. We also have at least one administration council meeting and annual general assembly.

We participate in numerous activities: organization or co-organization of scientific meetings ( such as the JFBM, the Biologistes Médicaux, les JIB…), expertise for the health ministry, and interactions with the national professional committee (currently headed by a member of the SFBC).

We have also developed numerous active collaborations with leading actors in biology in France, such as the CNBH, SNBH, SIDIV, and some biologists’ and resident unions.

Learned society created in 1952